$5million for AAP: Good for media diversity - but what about the ABC?

$5million for AAP: Good for media diversity - but what about the ABC?

Minister For Communications, Paul Fletcher has been praised for recognising the importance of Australian media diversity by granting $5million to a revamped independent AAP, newswire service.

Paul Fletcher with AAP and ABC in his hands stands in front of money

The recent announcement indicates that the Minister can build on this initiative by also recognising the role of public broadcasting in the forthcoming COVID-19 Recovery Budget.

ABC Friends wants to see recognition of the special work of the ABC during the last six months when health and education programming has been so important to all Australians.

There is no doubt that the ABC has been an essential service during the pandemic so there must be additional funds for the national broadcaster to now help it in the coming community recovery period.

A delegation of ABC Friends from North Sydney, Southern Highland, and ACT branches will be heading to Canberra for the Budget when they hope the Minister will have additional good news that can strengthen the ABC.