ABC Broadcast Strength in the Northern Tablelands

ABC Broadcast Strength in the Northern Tablelands

Do you have problems receiving ABC Radio or Television broadcasts where you live?

Your local ABC Friends (Northern Tablelands) are interested in the strength and quality of ABC broadcasts across the Northern Tablelands.  Specifically, the transmission strength of radio/TV stations in your area; we are not interested in access via the internet (which involves a commercial internet provider).

If you have the required equipment (radio/TV plus adequate aerial), but experience reception problems for specific ABC radio or television broadcasts (refer to our list of local ABC frequencies), could you please email us with the following information:

  1. Each radio or TV station that you have problems with.
  2. For each problem station, describe whether reception is (i) none, or (ii) poor strength.  Add any other information that you feel provides a good description of the problem.
  3. How long have you had this problem, and does it vary with weather conditions?
  4. Your address or area, so that we can then determine where the poor reception areas are for specific broadcast frequencies.

Please send this information to ABC Friends (Northern Tablelands), via our email address - [email protected]

With your help in providing this information we can then approach the ABC with a request to improve any poor reception in specific areas across the Northern Tablelands.


Bruce Stevenson (President of Northern Tablelands branch, ABC Friends)