ABC Emergency Services Essential During National Disaster

ABC Emergency Services Essential During National Disaster

TheĀ  significant role of the ABC in providing emergency services information is well regarded by Australians who rely on the national broadcaster when it is the only source of local information about current bush fire movements.

Please let us know if you have experienced any issues with accessing broadcasts during the bush fire crisis.

The depth and reliability of reporting is essential at this time of unprecedented national disaster and ABC staff are to be commended on their ongoing efforts to keep reporting from the many bushfire affected areas around the country.

However, ABC Friends want to hear from people who have had difficulty accessing radio or other broadcasts where outages may have occurred for short or longer periods of time.

Information is provided across ABC platforms but local radio is often the most reliable source of information in these times of crisis.

Therefore, ABC Friends want to be kept informed about any gaps in information flow that may be prevented by further investment in communications infrastructure.

You can fill in an online form here, or email [email protected].