Become a Defender

Become a Defender

Become an ABC Defender

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We invite you to become an ABC Defender!

ABC Friends National is seeking your involvement for our major national campaign.

Two ways you can help:

1. Email us a photo of yourself, along with a few lines about why you think the ABC needs to be defended. We’ll include your shot and your words on our social media feeds, and alert you to when they will be appearing. Email: [email protected]. Alternatively, please feel free to post us a photo and words instead – to PO BOX 3620, Manuka, ACT 2603.

2. EVEN BETTER. If you have a smart phone, you can record a video selfie explaining to the public why the ABC is so important to you and why it should be defended.  If you do this please remember to hold the phone horizontally (landscape) rather than vertically (portrait), and to speak a little louder than usual. Then we can share your wonderful little film with our tens of thousands of supporters. Please try to keep it short, and email it to us at [email protected].

Please also let us know your name (first name only is OK if you prefer), the town or city you are from, and a word or two about what you do to contribute to society, that is a job or any other family or community position: from “student” to “retired;” from “plumber” to “public servant,” or “mother,” or “grandparent.”