Checking the Pulse #15

Checking the Pulse #15

Welcome to our News Email - Checking the Pulse  - our first for 2022 providing you with useful and informative ABC Friends News bites. Its also our way of connecting with you during this socially and emotionally challenging time. Below you will find links to interesting reads/webinars, online events coming up and ABC TV productions you may enjoy. 

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Its also an opportunity as we begin this election year to let you know of our campaigning preparations which are already underway aimed at sending a clear message as to the significance of the survival of our ABC and its continued funding.  

There are concerns for the longevity of the public broadcaster based on the coalition's current ABC commitment indications. 

ABC Friends SA/NT will be focussing on 3 key seats: Boothby, Mayo and Sturt using letterbox pamphlet drops, a concentrated social media campaign and targetted digital billboards and advertising.

Our initial campaign will focus on “Democracy depends on a strong ABC” message. We will also distribute results of a questionnaire to be completed by the Electorate Candidates in our selected key seats – enabling you to make an informed choice as to which Candidate and Party, you believe, will ensure democracy remains strong. If you wish to assist us in the campaigning please reach out and let us know as you will be most welcome. 

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Staying in tune with Our ABC - turning 90 this year and Ita turning 80 next Monday!


  • Labor makes ABC independence an election issue with 5 year funding pledge here.

  • And this week ABC Adelaide announced who is replacing Ali Clarke on breakfast radio and is all set to launch the new Team on Friday 21st January. More details here.

  • Just in case you missed it - whats coming up on our ABC this year you may wonder. A great intro can be found on iview presenting ABC 2022 Showcase here.
    Informative Reads
  • An interesting read from 20 years ago -  Cabinet papers were released on New Year’s eve describing the ABC’s never easy relationship with the Howard government  and the tensions between the government’s desire for budget cuts and fear of alienating its supporters who valued the national broadcaster. Sound familiar ? here
  • An article published just prior to Christmas '21 so you may have missed the statement from David Anderson MD- ABC plans to boost Pacific presence as China’s shadow grows here.

Dates to put in your Diary

  • Sunday 23rd January 7:40pm. Ita describes Muster Dogs as “a sort of sheep dog competition”. Five farmers, all in different areas of farming, each get a Kelpie puppy from the same litter. They have to train them and get them used to farm work. The program revisits them 12 months after they get their pups to see how things are going while also allowing viewers to meet rural families. Narrated by Lisa Millar, the 4 part Muster Dogs series will bring the regions into Australian living rooms of Australia in a prime-time slot of Sunday evenings. More details here.


  • Thursday 10th March 6pm-7:15pm.  As part of WOMADelaide Festival’s Planet Talks Program UniSA is presenting  "The role of the State in the modern economy - Dr Richard Denniss in conversation with Jane Caro AMTo register and more event details here


Stay safe and best wishes for 2022



On behalf of your ABCF SA/NT 2022 Committee

Sue Pinnock - President

Sandra Coopman - Secretary 

Mihir Makwana - Treasurer

Nick Carroll, Roselie Copley, Andrew Johnston, John Pezy, Shelley Pezy, Daryl Regan and Richard Ruffin - Committee Members