Some of you may wonder what you can do to assist the ABC to stay independent: to receive the funding it needs to continue supplying Australians with quality radio, television and web based material which not only entertains, but informs and educates. Here we offer some information on what you can do as an individual, and what groups can do together. We hope it is helpful.

Have your say...

  • Write to parliamentarians or others, as suggested on our home page under the menu headings: Who can I write to? and What can I say?. This may consist of comment and/or congratulations to Federal MPs, ABC Board, E-mail to local news papers etc. If you're writing to pollies do it on paper and send by postal mail, and if possible some of it in handwriting so they know you're a Real Person and potential or actual constituent and not a cyberclone.
  • Talk to your local Federal MP about current ABC issues. Tell him or her how you feel about the ABC.
  • Call talkback radio programmes and comment favourably on the ABC.


Help organise and assist at stalls in shopping centres, malls, at local markets, fairs, festivals, local events etc. You can get information, membership forms and stickers, and so forth from Jason Lowe (02) 9489 1420 or 0407 065 512.

  • Attend functions organised by your local ABC Friends branch
  • Place pamphlets, posters etc on notice boards at your work, club, school etc.
  • Speak to friends, neighbours, work associates, relatives, community groups about the need to support the ABC and encourage them to join the Friends of the ABC.
  • Organise local events and get-togethers such as breakfasts, dinners, regular coffee mornings etc.
  • Visit your local ABC radio station, ABC Shop. Make contact with staff and express your support for the ABC.


  • Produce a local ABC Friends' newsletter to keep in touch with members (especially those not on e-mail).
  • Publicise local and ABC Friends NSW & ACT events: Organise your own local Christmas event eg, picnic etc.
  • Promote your local activities through Community service announcements in local newspapers (especially throw-aways). Access your Local ABC website here
  • Distribute pamphlets, petitions, political contact lists etc to your local Friends members.
  • Get together with other members and/or sympathisers and generate ideas! Send articles and pics (about your activities) to ABC Friends NSW & ACT for inclusion in 'Update' magazine