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Letter writing or personal visit suggestions, points to raise and facts about the ABC.

Remember Snail Mail (postal) letters receive much more attention than e-mails.

Write to ... (or visit where possible)

  • Your local member of Federal Parliament - click here for address details
  • Send a copy to the Prime Minister and other members of parliament with responsibility for ABC related matters - click here for address details
  • The Hon James Spigelman AC QC, Chairman of the ABC Board - click here for address details
  • Michelle Guthrie, Managing Director of the ABC - click here for address details

Points to raise...

I want the ABC to remain...

  • a quality national broadcaster
  • independent of government or any other influence
  • NO advertising whether free to air or web based - absolutely non commercial
  • NO charge for content downloaded from an ABC website
  • fully and adequately funded by government so that it can carry out its charter obligations (click here to view the ABC Charter) reflective of the cultures of all Australians, including rural and remote communities

Make them declare their position by asking...

  • What will you actually do, if (re)elected, to reverse the deliberate emasculation (or use your own word :-) of the ABC?
  • Will you actively and vigorously pursue policies to augment, in real terms, the funding of the ABC?
  • If not, why not?
  • If yes, what benchmarks will you use to ensure that funding is adequate to cover present and future needs?
  • What will you do to ensure the mission and charter of the ABC are adequately protected from political interference?