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Open Letter to Malcolm Turnbull MP, Prime Minister of Australia

Dear Prime Minister,

Re: Your Promotion and Some Remembrances of Things Past

Firstly, ABC Friends congratulates you on your elevation to the Office of Prime Minister.

Secondly, we ask that some of the decisions about ABC matters made by Cabinet over the last year and more be reviewed. They do not sit well with the views expressed by yourself in previous years when you made it clear how much you value our National Broadcaster.

They do not sit well with the Malcolm Turnbull who launched the Parliamentary Friends of the ABC. They do not sit well with the your previously expressed high praise for the ABC.

We would ask that the following specific proposals be considered:

  1. Appoint a more balanced Committee to recommend appointments to the ABC & SBS Boards – recent appointees suggest the Government is preparing for privatisation.
  2. Ensure that Mark Scott’s replacement, and the appointment process, is absolutely apolitical and wholly transparent.
  3. Restore ABC funding to pre-Abbott Government levels and lock in the next triennial funding cycle at least at those levels.
  4. Restore the DFAT – ABC contract to run Australia Network Television – the overseas service.
  5. Take particular steps to restore the ABC’s rural and regional network – we note the importance of this for National Party, Rural MPs and our communities.

Again, congratulations. We wish you well.