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Fun Loving Bear Returns to the Screen for Children’s Public Television

Australian television legend Humphrey B. Bear has fronted the cameras as part of ABC Friend’s campaign to restore full funding to the ABC.

The funny old fellow appears in a campaign video painting a dystopian picture of a future where the ABC has been commercialised, and the Bananas in Pyjamas programme is suffering from product placement advertising.

He sits with a girl of about his age, and acts saddened at what has happened to one of his favourite programmes.

The really amazing bear covered his eyes and shook his head from side to side, gesticulating that he was profoundly saddened that budget cuts had led to a dramatic lessening of Australian children’s content on the ABC, and didn’t mind if it got him in all manner of strife.

“                                                                      ,” said the fun-loving bear.

ABC Friends National Spokesman Ranald Macdonald said he welcomed Humphrey joining the ABC Friends Campaign.

“It’s hardly so very surprising,” he said, “that a bear that leads such an exciting life would call for the restoration of ABC funding.”

“Australian children’s television programming on the ABC has dramatically reduced over the last years because of costs.”

“We are calling on electors to vote for any candidate this election who pledges to restore ABC funding to pre Abbott/Turnbull government levels.” he said.