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July 26th, 2016
4 Corners Illustrates Need for Strong Public Broadcasting
ABC Friends National congratulates the ABC and the “4 Corners” programme for it’s unflinching, groundbreaking work, that has resulted in a snap Royal Commission – ordered by the Prime Minister.
ABC Friends National Spokesman Ranald Macdonald says that the story, about clear mistreatment at a Northern Territory youth detention centres, would not have been covered by any other broadcaster.
“Quite seriously,” Mr Macdonald, a former Editor-in-Chief and Managing Director of The Age, said, “where would we be without the ABC shining a light on such extraordinary stories?”
“What other broadcaster would be so bold as to feature such important issues?”
“Only a strongly-funded, fiercely independent ABC could force a Royal Commission in such a short time – simply by broadcasting a well-researched and extremely engaging film.”
“Unfortunately, though, the ABC remains under attack from the Federal Government,” he said.
After a highly successful Federal Election campaign, where millions of viewers watched and reacted to our content, ABC Friends National has decided to keep its momentum.
Hundreds of thousands of Australians, through Social Media and direct mail through our vast number of institutional supporters, will soon be asked to fund a new campaign, targeting cross-bench members of Parliament.
The crowd-funding site will be launched to the public later this week.
For further comment please contact: Ranald Macdonald 0424 545 516