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20 March, 2017
Open Letter from the ABC National President, Margaret Reynolds.
On behalf of the entire ABC Friends organisation, I would like to congratulate the three women journalists who have been awarded two of the most coveted journalism prizes in Australia.
Caro Meldrum-Hanna has been named the 2016 Graham Perkin Australian Journalist of the Year for her reporting on Don Dale Youth Detention Centre for Four Corners.
(CLICK HERE to see a video summary of her work, or HERE to watch Caro Meldrum-Hanna’s acceptance speech).
Also acknowledged for their extraordinary work are Louise Milligan and Andy Burns, of ABC 7.30, who were awarded the Gold Quill for their reporting on George Pell and sexual abuse in the Catholic Church.
(CLICK HERE to see a video summary of their extensive work, or HERE to watch their acceptance speech).
Both, well deserved, awards, are illustrations of how important an independent and financially robust ABC is to Australia.
Which other organisation can we turn to for such fearless journalism?
Which other is guaranteed to be free of commercial or political influence?
Congratulations again to all three winners.
Our tens of thousands of members and supporters are proud of you.
Margaret Reynolds
ABC Friends National