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We Welcome ABC Board Alice Springs meeting


ABC Friends National congratulates Justin Milne, the ABC Board Chair, for asserting his recent leadership by holding his first board meeting in Alice Springs to demonstrate his commitment to regional Australia.

It is a significant decision because this meeting coincides with the ABC’s 85th Birthday – at a time when the national broadcaster has been under attack for being too Sydney centric.

Alice Springs is a welcome departure from so many capital-city-based venues and offers an important message to all Australians that the ABC wants to reach out to people wherever they live.

This is especially significant given a previous ABC Board decision to cut short wave services in Northern Territory which removed access for many communities and alienated our Pacific neighbours.

Board members overwhelmingly have urban backgrounds so hopefully even a few days in Australia’s centre will alert them to the need for more considerate and creative policy development.

In addition the Board will be holding its first Community Forum, where Territorians will have the opportunity to voice their priorities for the national broadcaster .

The fact that Q and A will also be held in Alice Springs is another sign that regional Australia can expect long overdue recognition.

ABCFriends will be represented in Alice Springs by Vice President Mal Hewitt, and Executive Committee Member Sue Pinnock.

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