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Show the ABC Australians are smarter than they think – so we want more serious content and analysis not less!
Tell the ABC Chairman and Managing Director just how smart its ABC audience is! DON’T GO TO THE ABC COMPLAINTS DEPARTMENT. Here is the MD’s email address: [email protected] and you can email Chairman Justin Milne via Director Michael Mason: [email protected] OR CALL YOUR LOCAL OR STATE ABC OFFICE TO COMPLAIN.

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Open letter to ABC Managing Director Michelle Guthrie and ABC Board Chairman Justin Milne 

The ABC has survived another year of challenge and scrutiny driven in part by changing technology, declining government funding and ever constant criticism of public broadcasting.

Despite this very unstable environment, the ABC maintains the overwhelming confidence of the Australian public with its programmes attracting community support for being fair and trustworthy.

However, we are alarmed that the ABC is down sizing its serious program content on Radio National and its news services and current affairs programs are not keeping pace with the need to offer more in depth coverage.

Many of the ABC’s most loyal supporters are angry and frustrated with decisions that reduce serious content and analysis. If this audience abandons the ABC it will be difficult to find defenders who are as committed in their support of public broadcasting so it is clearly not in the ABC’s interests to disregard such a large group of ABC shareholders!

Recent announcements focus on what will change to attract new audiences which is of course part of the ABCs charter to reach all Australians. But ABC Management remains silent on what will replace programmes that have provided intellectual leadership for more than three decades. Does ABC Management recognise that with the decline of print media there is an even greater need for the public broadcaster to fill the void and offer real news and analysis in an era of online trivia and fake news?

Australians rely on the ABC to shine a light on so many topics -science, the arts, education, economics, philosophy, cultural relations, agriculture, health, history, the environment, politics at local, state, national and international levels-so this requires considerable effort in programme planning for the year ahead. Therefore, we need to know who has carriage of this vital task and what staffing and financing has been allocated to prioritise serious analysis and programming within the ABC?  There is an urgent need to ensure that the ABC does not become so obsessed with offering multimedia platforms that it risks losing commitment to the actual content.

We understand that the ABC has many responsibilities to cater for a variety of community interests, but it must never abdicate its core role in providing quality information and leading independent debate and analysis that is central to the stability of Australian democracy.

We are relying on you both to maintain the gold standard of public broadcasting set by the ABC since 1932.

Yours sincerely

Margaret Reynolds


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