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ABC Friends National Secretary and WA President, Bobbie Mackley, has written to the ABC Board to complain about the timing of the inaugural ABC “public meeting,” saying it excludes viewers in the west.

Bobbie Mackley Feb17

Here is Bobbie’s letter to the ABC Board:

I am writing to draw the attention of the ABC Board to the timing of the Annual Public Meeting scheduled for the 9th of February, 2018, at 10am AEDT.

This meeting will be taking place at 7am Western Australian time.

When the scheduling of this event was determined, I wonder which of the two following scenarios is the most accurate:

1)  That it never occurred to those who made and approved the timing that 10am AEDT translates to 7am WAT;


2)  That those who made and approved the decision did consider the timing of the event on the western side of the continent, but simply dismissed it as not important.

Neither scenario fits in with the requirement for the ABC to be inclusive of all Australians; the  timing seriously disadvantages the participation of Western Australians who have as much right to  take part and express their opinions as those residing in the eastern states.

At 7am on a weekday, most working Western Australians will be getting ready for work, getting children ready for school, travelling to work, or any number of scenarios that preclude paying attention to the streaming of a meeting that will presumably go for at least an hour.  As a retired person, I am personally most unhappy at this disadvantageous, early morning timing.

ABC Friends WA will be interested to hear from you regarding the reasoning behind the scheduling of the Annual Public Meeting.  Our members and the general public of this state will also be interested.

I look forward to your response in the near future

Yours faithfully,

Bobbie Mackley


ABC Friends (WA) Incorporated