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MORE SAVAGE CUTS TO ABC: President Responds


The ongoing government attack on the ABC has continued with a savage $84 million dollar cut in last night’s Budget.

Since 2014 the Coalition has been determined to interfere and restrict the ABCs specified role  to provide a wide range of services to Australians wherever they live.

We can expect to see cuts to our favourite programs, news services, even emergency

The ABC cannot do more with less funding so the blame for restricted services lies clearly with a government that does want a viable public broadcaster .

While comparable countries like Canada and New Zealand  have increased their funding of public broadcasting, the Australian Government has a death wish for  one of our most respected  and trusted cultural icons.

With competition from global media giants the ABC is more important than ever in projecting Australian content yet the Budget takes $84 million from the ABC and instead hands $140 million dollars to overseas film companies.

This is a Government that only wants to please right wing critics and those who seek to privatise the ABC.

ABC Friends National President  Margaret Reynolds said: “Australians must act to defend the ABC and demand that it be funded to do its job in catering for all viewers, listeners and users across television, radio and digital platforms.”

“We need thousands of concerned Australians to join the fight as ABC Defenders to show all Federal Parliamentarians that we expect their support to protect public broadcasting  in the national interest.”

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Margaret Reynolds
National President
May 9, 2018