ABC Friends News


ABC Friends Queensland held another of their successful market stalls at the markets in stunning Montville in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.


Lilly, Alita and Paula (L-R) behind the ABCF desk at Montville Market. Judith Sinnamon prepared the desk and gazebo at 5.30am and the volunteers arrived at 7.30 am to greet the people.

ABC Friends Queensland President Ross McDowell wrote:

“A lady was across the table from me. She was enjoying the visit to the Montville markets.”

“It was a beautiful sunny day in Montville and [my] interview with Sunshine Coast FM at 6:30 in the morning may have helped numbers.”

“In the lady’s eyes I saw fear,” Ross wrote.

“She said ‘I love the ABC, it has been there for my lifetime – now the federal government wants to sell it and I feel impending doom’.”

“Not if Friends of the ABC can help it,” I said to her.


“I explained our strategies and her expression changed to one of hope.’

“I handed her a car window sticker and an ABC defender badge…and she opened her purse and put folding money in our donation box.”

“So many like her were at Montville today.”

“Each one of them was hoping we will do our job and take the fight to the federal government,” he said.