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Thanks to your kind donations and support, we’ve made a new video which is now being heavily promoted on social media — targetted at the Federal seat of Wentworth ahead Saturday’s by-election (October 20, 2018).

Please “scroll down” to view it below.

We’ve also heavily invested in local media advertising, and are handing out leaflets in the electorate, with the simplified results of our survey of which candidates you could best trust to take care of your ABC.

You can read the survey results HERE.

Our volunteers will be staffing all of the busiest voting booths at the busiest times on polling day to hand out a printed “how to vote guide” showing which candidates have shown the most – and the least – support for the ABC.

Meanwhile, more ABC Friends volunteer activity, more public stalls and leaflet drops have been taking place in this most crucial of electorates.

Please also check out the photos below this video.

A quote from one of our great volunteers – Sybille – is followed by some photos including ABC Friends NSW & ACT Presdident Ed Davis.

We were blessed with fine weather for a morning of serious ABC defending! Both locals and visitors to the Bondi Beach produce market showed a lot of interest in our information, and we were overwhelmed with messages of support and interest. Lots of people took our “How To Vote” cards (for the ABC in the Wentworth by-election) and also our membership flyers. Thanks to John, Robert, Marlene, Meredith and Anthony for their very hard work!

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