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OUR ABC FRIENDS branches around Australia continue to hold meetings and discussions to build momentum ahead of the Federal Election.


Writes the NSW Central Coast branch’s Ross McGowan:

On the 16th of November, the Central Coast branch of ABC Friends welcomed Dr Fiona Martin. Dr Martin is a senior lecturer from the University of Sydney, researching digital journalism as well as the uses, politics and regulation of online media and its implications for media industry change. She is also a former community and ABC radio broadcaster and cross-media journalist. Her speech to our branch focussed on women and leadership within the ABC, starting with the history of women’s work within the organisation, the creation of the Australian Women’s Broadcasting Cooperative (AWBC) in 1974, and its subsequent training of hundreds of women broadcasters. She described the progress that has been made to date in achieving gender equality in employment, as well as the future hopes for women in public broadcasting. Dr Martin drew attention to Michelle Guthrie’s record as Managing Director, her achievements in initiating digital media reforms, as well as her difficulties in obtaining the collective support of ABC staff. Our audience expressed their admiration for Dr Martin’s informative and insightful presentation.


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