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Triple J is the ABC

You are probably visiting this page because you care about Australian music.

Victoria - scorecard on parties

ABC Friends Victoria’s scorecard on political parties’ policies on the ABC.

Protest at Mitch Fifield's office

The Shadow Attorney-General, Mark Dreyfus, showed his support for ABC Friends Victoria, by joining a sizeable group for a protest...

ABC Friends Queensland report card on parties

ABC Friends Queensland has compiled a report card on political parties’ voting records on the ABC.

Friends take to the streets of Victorian marginals

ABC Friends activists are spreading out across Victoria’s marginal seats, leafletting, knocking on doors and taking over bridges on major...

ABC report must be released after five month delay

An Efficiency Review Report into ABC Funding must be released by Senator Mitch Fifield before May 18th, so voters know...

Government keeps ABC funding report secret

The Guardian’s Amanda Meade reports that the government’s “efficiency review” into the ABC has been kept secret since December, and finds in...

PM must repudiate IPA plan to sell ABC

The Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, must immediately pledge support for public broadcasting now and in the future – and instruct...

Thank you Peter Cundall

ABC Friends Tasmania has held a special function to thank broadcaster Peter Cundall for 50 years of service to the...