New Communications Minister welcomed by ABCF National

New Communications Minister welcomed by ABCF National

ABC Friends National today welcomed the appointment of a new Communications Minister, Paul Fletcher, to set a fresh direction in strengthening Australian public broadcasting after six years of financial cutbacks and political interference.

Paul Fletcher has some background in communications having worked for a former minister, Richard Alston, and for Optus as well as writing Wired Brown Land – Telstra’s Battle for Broadband?

ABCF National President Margaret Reynolds said she looked forward to establishing a working relationship with the minister and his office and ensuring that neither funding cuts or privatisation of the ABC were on his agenda.

It was reassuring to read on Minister Fletcher’s electorate website a statement supportive of ABC independence:

The ABC is run entirely independently of the Government of the day. This is to ensure the ABC acts solely in the interests of the Australian public.

5 October, 2009

Clearly Paul Fletcher, like his Sydney North Shore constituents, recognises the role and value of the national broadcaster.

Margaret Reynolds
ABC Friends National Inc.

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