NSoS Photo Gallery

NSoS Photo Gallery

This page is a photo gallery of NSoS ABC Friends events.

UPCOMING TALK: Jan Latta, Wilderness Photographer - celebrating World Environment Day, 8 June 2023

The ABC provides us with news, documentaries and other quality programs about the natural world - something to celebrate for World Environment Day on 5 June, 2023. 

Jan Latta has been interviewed by ABC Radio. Her book Diary of a Wildlife Photographer was published by ABC Books in 2007.


Gordon Markets, 14 May 2023


Loosely Woven ABC Friends Fundraising Concert at Humph Hall, Allambie Heights, Saturday 13 May 2023
Thank you Loosely Woven for donating $800 to ABC Friends NSW & ACT


Loosely Woven Bright Blue Rose Concerts, April - May 2023
South Turramurra, Avalon, Dee Why, Narrabeen, Forestville and Allambie Heights  


Loosely Woven Song:  It's Our ABC Too
Audio Full Score 
Lyrics by Northern Beaches Poet, Allen Clarke;  Music 'Wellerman';  Arrangement by Wayne Richmond;  Performed by Loosely Woven, 2023  


TALK: Why the ABC is so important for climate action by Dr David Smith, 11 May 2023


TALK: Why Creativity and the Arts are So Important by Professor Emerita Robyn Ewing OAM, 13 April 2023





Glen Street Theatre:  Looking for Albanese


NSoS invited members to attend the Wharf Review Looking for Albanese at Glen Street Theatre in support of writer Jonathan Biggins who donated his time to write 'It's Our ABC' song lyrics to the score Flash Jack from Gundagai.

Talk: Why the ABC staff are so important by Helen Grasswill, ABC Alumni Deputy Chair, 9 March 2023

Ensemble Theatre: A Broadcast Coup, 14 February 2023


Talk: History of Radio by Margaret Simpson, 9 February 2023


Celebrating World Radio Day, 13 February, 2023

ABC Friends Beverley Inshaw and Jim Hobbs remembered their dad by celebrating World Radio Day with a visit to the Esk Wireless Memorial at Wahroonga.

 “World Radio Day” holds a special place in our hearts as our father worked as a radio operator and technician for many years at the ABC studio in the city," said James Hobbs. 

The Fisk Wireless Memorial commemorates the first wireless message from Britain to Australia sent by Prime Minister Billy Hughes in 1918 commending the heroism of the troops fighting in France.

The Australian Broadcasting Commission (the ABC) was officially launched in 1932 by Prime Minister Joseph Lyons.

Loosely Woven Christmastide concerts at South Turramurra, Avalon, Dee Why, Narrabeen and Allambie Heights (Humph Hall) December 2022

Thank you Loosely Woven for donating $700 to ABC Friends NSW & ACT


The Christmas Song (Loosely Woven)

NSoS AGM, November 2022
Talk:  Why the ABC is so important by Cassandra Parkinson, ABC Friends National President

Rachel Collis & Band Concert, Humph Hall, 5 November 2022

Rachel Collis      

NSoS members attended the Rachel Collis & Band Concert at Humph Hall, Allambie Heights. Rachel sang Wired and Awake which is emblematic of ABC Friend's commitment, loyalty and passion for the ABC that leaves one feeling 'wired and awake'.  Rachel Collis singing a Good Woman.


Rachel Collis, musician and Janine Kitson, NSoS Convenor

Restoring the ABC Budget, October 2022

2022 Budget  

NSoS call on the Albanese Government to honour its promises and restore the ABC's budget in the October 22 Federal Budget.

Celebrating International Day of Democracy, Sept 2022

United Nations’ International Day of Democracy  

NSoS celebrate United Nations’ International Day of Democracy held on 15 September, 2022 by holding one of their favourite ABC Friends car stickers that reads: ‘DEMOCRACY depends on a STRONG ABC”.
Left to Right:  Diana Tyne, Janine Kitson, Jenny Forster, Gordon Elkington, Tina Cooper

Appreciating ABC Friends Newsletter, September 2022

Reading ABC Friends newsletter

NSoS enjoying reading their latest ABC Friends newsletter, 8 September, 2022
Left to Right:  Diana Tyne, Jenny Forster, Gordon Elkington, Tina Cooper, Janine Kitson

Loosely Woven 'Wired & Awake' Concerts, July - August 2022

Humph Hall Loosely Woven performance  Loosely Woven performers

NSoS enjoying interval at Humph Hall for a Loosely Woven performance of ‘It’s Our ABC’ song, 27 August, 2022
Left to Right:  Beverley Johnson, Corin Fairburn Bass, Jenny Forster, Bridget McVicar

Diana Tyne  Corin Fairburn Bass  John Inshaw and Lindsay Somerville  

NSoS Committee enjoying Loosely Woven performance of  ‘It’s Our ABC’ at St Andrews Uniting Church, South Turramurra, 12 August, 2022
From L to R: NSoS Committee member Corin Fairburn Bass; NSoS Secretary Diana Tyne; John Inshaw and Lindsay Somerville  

Loosely Woven rehearsal recording the song 'It's Our ABC' at Humph Hall, July, 2021


Thanking Margaret Reynolds, National President, ABC Friends on her retirement, 11 August 2022












NSoS Committee holding Banner ‘Thank you Margaret Reynolds on your retirement as National ABC Friends President'
Left to Right:  Lindsay Somerville, Bev Inshaw, Corin Fairburn Bass, Jenny Forster, Diana Tyne, Cheenu Srinivasan, John Inshaw,  Janine Kitson

Celebrating ABC's 90th Anniversary, 21 July 2022


Left to Right (sitting):  Diana Tyne, Beverley Inshaw, Corin Fairburn Bass;  (standing): John Inshaw, Kerry Foster, Jenny Forster,  Cheenu Srinivasan, Janine Kitson

Gordon Markets, February, 2021


Gordon Market, January 2021



Christmas Gathering at Bella Blue Cafe, Lindfield, December 2020


NSoS Committee meeting at Bella Blue Café, Lindfield, 2020

Left to Right:  Kate Reid, Chris Haviland, Jenny Forster and Janine Kitson

Gordon Markets, December 2020



Rally:  Stop Bullying the ABC, 7 December 2020





Hornsby Markets, 14 November 2020



Over 100 people signed a petition calling for a Senate Inquiry into funding of the ABC.

Budget Delegation to Canberra, 6-7 October 2020
A delegation from Northern Suburbs of Sydney travelled to Parliament House Canberra for the 2020 Budget calling for no further cuts to the ABC and that past funding cuts be reinstated. Federal Minister for Communications Paul Fletcher was unavailable to meet with the NSoS delegation.  However the following MPs and Senators walked down from the Parliament House and stood next to NSoS and its banners and posters: Michelle Rowland, Zali Steggall, Susan Templeman, Andrew Wilkie, Jacqui Lambie, and Kristina Keneally

Left to right:  John Inshaw, Janine Kitson, Angela Williamson and Beverly Inshaw outside Parliament House, Canberra.

NSoS and Southern Highlands Branch stand up for ABC outside Parliament House, Canberra  

Zali Steggall and Janine Kitson

Zali Steggall, MP for Warringah and Janine Kitson NSoS Convenor call to FULLY FUND THE ABC outside Parliament House, Canberra  

Senator Jacqui Lambi stands with NoS outside Parliament House, Canberra  

Janine Kitson NSoS, Angela Williamson Southern Highlands Branch and Senator Kristina Keneally stand up for ABC outside Parliament House, Canberra

Left to right:  Angela Williamson, Anne Matheson, Susan Templeman MP for Macquarie and Beverly Inshaw outside Parliament House, Canberra


NSoS held a silent vigil outside the Canberra ABC Offices as an act of respect to the many ABC staff who had lost their jobs from years of funding cuts.

NSoS singing 'Where would we be without the ABC' outside Parliament House, May 2020

FIRST Birthday Party, 9 October 2020

NSoS first birthday party

The Northern Suburbs of Sydney’s first birthday party was celebrated via Zoom with many members and supporters in attendance. Margaret Reynolds, ABC Friends’ National President, was the guest speaker and shared her insights into the 2020 ABC Budget cuts and why NSoS is so important in making a difference.

Letterwriting (Covid Safe) Morning Tea, 24 September 2020

A small group of dedicated residents gathered (Covid safe) to write to Paul Fletcher calling on him to reinstate the cuts to the ABC which has resulted in losing 250 key ABC staff and cuts to valued ABC programs.

Delegation to Mr Paul Fletcher, Minister for Communication & Bradfield MP, 3 September 2020

After months of requesting a meeting with Paul Fletcher NSoS's Bradfield residents finally secured a meeting with two staffers. Left to Right:  Lindsay Somerville, Janine Kitson and Kate Reid

Phone Blitzing Mr Paul Fletchers’ Lindfield Office, June 2020

Phone blitz of Paul Fletchers' Lindfield Office

NSoS's community campaign inundated Paul Fletcher Minister for Communication with phone messages calling on him to stop the planned $84m funding cuts to the ABC. 
Left to Right:  Jenny Forster, Beverly Inshaw, John Inshaw, Chris Haviland, Janine Kitson, Kate Reid and Lindsay Somerville

Protest: $84 million cuts outside Mr Paul Fletchers’ Lindfield Office, 30 June 2020

NSoS protested outside Communications Minister Paul Fletcher's office on 30 June 2020 in the hope that this would send a strong message that Liberal voters in Bradfield feel passionate about the ABC. Around the same time the Australia Institute conducted polling in key Liberal Seats asking, “Is Paul Fletcher representing Liberal voters, who do not agree there have been no cuts to the ABC “? In Kooyong 52.8%, Wentworth 54.2%, and Warringah 51.6% of respondents indicated that the minister was not representing their views. Honk if you love the ABC video of the demonstration.

Zoom Talk: Matt Peacock, retired ABC journalist, 12 May 2020

Zoom meeting with Matt Peacock

Ex senior ABC journalist and author Matt Peacock explained how the ongoing federal funding cuts are causing an existential threat to the ABC.

Article: Defend the ABC - for wilderness' sake, February 2020

Published in the Colong Bulletin #276, February 2020

Thank You ABC Dinner, 13 February 2020

NSoS held a dinner to thank the ABC for its extraordinary emergency broadcasts during the Black Summer Bushfires of 2019-20.  Guest speaker Gavin Morris, ABC Director of News received a framed ‘Thank you ABC’ Certificate. Funds raised from the dinner were donated to WIRES for their work in saving wildlife during the worst bushfires in Australia’s history

ABC News Director Gavin Morris accepts ‘Thank you ABC’ Certificate from NSoS

ABC Thank You Dinner - 1


Rally: Reverse the Cuts, 13 February 2020

Reverse the Cuts Rally, Paul Fletcher’s Office

Reverse the Cuts Rally, Paul Fletcher’s Office - 2

Reverse the Cuts Rally, Paul Fletcher’s Office - 3Reverse the Cuts Rally, Paul Fletcher’s Office - 4



Close to 200 people rallied outside Mr Paul Fletcher's, the Minister for Communications, Lindfield office calling on him to stop the funding cuts to the ABC.

Emeritus Professor Ed Davis, the NSW President of ABC Friends, spoke eloquently about why the ABC is so important to our democracy. 

INAUGURAL NSoS MEETING, Chatswood, October 2019

    NSoS Inaugral Convenor Janine Kitson  NSoS forms its Interim Committee

100 friends unanimously support the formation of a NSoS Branch of ABC Friends
NSoS forms its Interim Committee
NSoS Inaugural Convenor Janine Kitson

Rally: Press Freedom, 11 June 2019

Press Freedom Rally followed AFP raids of the ABC office and News Corp journalist Annika Smethurst’s home - 1

Press Freedom Rally followed AFP raids of the ABC office and News Corp journalist Annika Smethurst’s home - 2

Press Freedom Rally followed AFP raids of the ABC office and News Corp journalist Annika Smethurst’s home - 3

The northern Sydney community protested outside Mr Paul Fletcher, Minister for Communications Lindfield electorate office outraged by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) raids of the ABC’s Sydney Office and News Corp journalist Annika Smethurst’s home. 

This rally led to the formation of the Northern Suburbs of Sydney Branch in October 2019 when over 100 members attended a meeting at Chatswood’s Dougherty Community Centre and unanimously voted to form a new ABC Friends branch. Dr Rebecca Ananian-Welsh article, The 2019 AFP Raids on Australian Journalists, Press Freedom Policy Papers, 2020