Podcast of the month: Not Stupid

Podcast of the month: Not Stupid

ABC favourites, Julia Baird and Jeremy Fernandez, have joined forces to present a weekly podcast chat about the “stories you're obsessed with, the stuff you've missed and the things that matter”. 

Podcast of the month

So far, their Not Stupid podcast has talked about airline turbulence and whether Donald Trump’s criminal record will really have any impact.

New episodes of the 30 minute podcasts air at 3pm every Wednesday afternoon. 

Fernandez and Baird said they want to make the news less overwhelming, go beyond the headlines and look at some of the brighter news that often go unnoticed. 

You can listen to Not Stupid any time – and go through past episodes – through the ABC Listen app available on Google Play or through the App store.

Check this guide if you haven’t already got the ABC Listen app.

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