Senate Watch

Senate Watch

The Australian Senate plays a vital role in protecting our ABC.

We want your help in watching how your Senators are representing the Australian community which so relies on ABC services.

ABC Friends value all those Senators who speak up to support the ABC, however we also know that a number of Senators are not friends of the ABC.

We have reviewed all the Senators up for re-election*, but now we need your help as we head towards the next Federal Election!

  1. Look up which Senators are up for re-election in your state by clicking on the map
  2. Track their performance on social media, interviews, and in parliament
  3. Contact Senators to let them know how they are going
  4. Tell us what you think about how they are going!

Based on our knowledge of the listed Senators’ contribution to defend the ABC we have assessed their performance to win an ABC Friends Medal in coming months. We know a number of our Senators are 'Gold Medal' performers in their commitment to national public broadcasting and independent journalism. However, a number of Senators have not yet demonstrated that they are up to our expected standard as elected custodians of the ABC, so we have identified them as being 'Still in Training'.

*At the next election the Senators listed will want your vote if they are to continue as your elected representative. Only half the Senate will face the voters at the next Federal Election because of the way Senate terms are determined, so half the senators are not listed because their Senate term continues until 2025.

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