Ask your favourite Senator to support an Inquiry into ABC funding

Ask your favourite Senator to support an Inquiry into ABC funding

Thanks to ABC Friends like you, almost 6,000 people have signed our petition calling for the Senate to initiate an inquiry into the funding of the ABC 2015- 2023.

The Australian Senate Chamber with a silhouette with a question mark on top of it. A blue banner reads: Ask your favourite Senator to join our call for an Inquiry into ABC Funding

There are three ways in which you can to continue to help:

1. Ask your favourite Senator to support the Inquiry

You could tell them -

  • We need a thorough independent assessment of this public policy disruption so that the ABC is protected and strengthened.

  • We need to know why this area of public policy is being changed without any discussion or communication with the community.

  • The Senate needs to establish this inquiry so that Australians can find out precisely how funding is being redirected from public broadcasting to the private sector.

The inquiry would consider -

  • The impact of Budgetary decisions 2015-2023 on the ability of the ABC to fully meet its Charter commitments particularly in regard to emergency services’ provision;

  • The impact of diverting public broadcasting resources to overseas and local commercial  sectors without assessing the public benefit to Australian audiences; and

  • The erosion of Australian soft power diplomacy because the ABC is no longer able to project Australia's image into the Asia Pacific Region.

Find Senators' contact details here

2. If you haven't already, please sign our petition - thanks to everyone who has already done so.

Sign the petition here

3. Please share the petition on social media with your friends and family, and with anyone you know who loves the ABC.

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Thank you for your ongoing support.