Stand up for the ABC: a call to arms

Stand up for the ABC: a call to arms

In our September webinar Kerry O'Brien, Emma Dawson and Ed Davis reminded us that cuts to the ABC are occurring at a time when we have never needed our public broadcaster more.

Growing tensions with China, climate change, the growth of inequality in Australia, and the increasing power and secrecy of our intelligence services – all these issues require close questioning and analysis by the media. We have never needed the ABC more.

But years of funding cuts have eroded the quality of Australian journalism.

"So many studio staff who served the ABC loyally for decades have lost their jobs because of the government's funding cuts and the loss of that combined weight of experience is a matter of sadness and real concern," said Kerry O'Brien.

"We're seeing so much talent walking out the door never to be restored. The more the ABC is wounded the less likely it will be able to do its job."

And yet, said Kerry, "I do believe we have to keep fighting. The job that ABC Friends has done over the years has been quite a precious part of the whole thing. It's meant a great deal to me over the decades to know that you guys are there and prepared to put in the time to keep the flame alive."

The ABC needs it friends more than ever before. We must redouble our efforts to save this precious institution.