Stop ABC Cuts - Action on Thursday 20th

Stop ABC Cuts - Action on Thursday 20th

ABC Friends WA is joining with ABC unions CPSU and MEAA to spread awareness across the community of the severe cuts about to hit the ABC.


at Perth Town Hall on

Thursday 20th. November

any time between 11am and 2pm

You will be able to grab a ‘Stop ABC Cuts’ t-shirt and badge, sign a petition, fill in a postcard to the Prime Minister (we will post it), write down your thoughts and comments about the ABC to be added to others from all around Australia, spread via social media and passed on to where they will have most effect.

Volunteers to hand out postcards and flyers along the Hay Street and Murray Street malls are very welcome.  A half-hour (or more) of your time would be appreciated.  Register at [email protected] – or just come along.