Tasmania's (somewhat curtailed) plans for 2020

Tasmania's (somewhat curtailed) plans for 2020

ABC Friends Tasmania's State Committee met last month and developed a full plan of activities for the year.  

Hobart Committee members L to R: Margaret Reynolds  Peta Fitzgibbon  Rowan Wylie  Anna Wylie  Kate Durkin Also present in Hobart but not in photo: Ros Stoddart  Peter Tatham In Launceston: Anne O'Byrne  Anne Layton-Bennett  Kevin O'Dea
Hobart Committee members L to R:
 Margaret Reynolds  Peta Fitzgibbon  Rowan Wylie  Anna Wylie  Kate Durkin
Also present in Hobart but not in photo: Ros Stoddart  Peter Tatham
In Launceston: Anne O'Byrne  Anne Layton-Bennett  Kevin O'Dea

The committee generally gather in two groups, using Facetime to connect our Northern and Southern members. Meetings will be moving to Zoom (video conferencing) meetings for a while so each Committee member can stay safely in their own home.

Much of what we planned at this meeting will now only be achievable in the latter part of the year, including:

  • Andrew Bent Memorial Dinner, promoting Media Freedom;
  • A trip to the NW region to meet with our growing number of members there and local politicians.

A number of Committee members also took on the task of monitoring and collating public statements by our Tasmanian politicians about the ABC.  If you spot a pithy comment by any Tasmanian Member or Senator, do email it to the address below.  The more "spotters", the better.

We are also looking to build personal relationships with our local politicians and their office staff.  We do this by having a regular chat each time we hand deliver a copy of the latest edition of our National magazine, Update.  We have all politicians covered now except for two in Devonport.  If you live in Devonport and can help with this (usually 3 drop-ins a year), we would love to hear from you - contact details below.

Last, but not least, we are working up ideas on better ways to engage younger people about the role of the ABC.  If you have any suggestions, do get in touch.

We have a few difficult months ahead.  Please stay safe and enjoy your ABC at home.  There is still much we can all do.  We can still continue to pick up the phone, write a letter or send an email.  And we will continue to send emails from time to time with a call to action as issues arise.

If you need any further details, email [email protected]
OR phone Kate Durkin on 0447 645 345 (business hours).