Thank you Peter Cundall

Thank you Peter Cundall

ABC Friends Tasmania has held a special function to thank broadcaster Peter Cundall for 50 years of service to the state’s avid gardeners – and the ABC.

Thank you Peter Cundall

Peter has been giving advice by answering listeners questions on Saturday morning talk-back radio for five decades.

He became famous to all Australians through his hosting, for many years, of Gardening Australia.

But even after his retirement from that show, he has continued serving the community over the radio waves.

ABC Friends everywhere wish Peter all the best for his retirement.

Peter’s retirement coincides with weekend radio presenter Chris Wisbey’s decision to retire from the microphone as well.

 Peter pictured with Tas State Vice-President, Fay Gervasoni Peter pictured with Tas State Vice-President, Fay Gervasoni