Two ABC Board positions available

Two ABC Board positions available

The ABC Board has two vacancies and applicants with a strong understanding of the media environment and the ABC Broadcasting Act should apply this week with applications closing on September 25th.

ABC Friends has identified political interference in past selection processes with some former Board members being well known associates of the government.

A recent advertisement indicates this selection process will be conducted by an independent panel and three recommended candidates referred to the Minister for consideration.

It is time the selection process was made totally transparent so ABC shareholders, the people of Australia, know who is on the panel and who has been shortlisted, so they can also assess the eligibility of candidates.

The current ABC Board needs more members who actually have media/broadcasting expertise and the vision to negotiate the sustainability of public broadcasting in a very disruptive environment.

ABC Friends recognises that there are many well qualified individuals who should apply to join the ABC Board and urges them to put their names forward so that their skills can be fully assessed.

Apply here or phone 0412 630 817.