Update magazine April 2023

Update magazine April 2023

Welcome to another edition of Update magazine.


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This edition comes just in time for Easter with a fantastic mix of stories. There's a profile about the ABC's new head of Indigenous News, Suzanne Dredge, a background story on the role of the ABC in Alice Springs, and a story about the recent contentious report by the Australian Communications and Media Authority on Sarah Ferguson's Four Corners program: “Fox and the Big Lie”. 

The last few months have been a flurry of activity as we campaigned for increased funding for the ABC in the forthcoming federal budget.There's a misconception that the ABC's funding woes have been now been addressed, but that's far from the case. Without an additional injection of funds the ABC will fall further behind with an inevitable impact on the quality of programs and services.

As Jon Faine says in his opinion piece, "Board chair Ita Buttrose and her fellow directors have been trying to stretch the rubber band as far as possible without breaking it. The task has been impossible." Our campaign will continue.

Please enjoy Update and have a restful Easter.