Update magazine June 2020

Update magazine June 2020

ABC Friends have released another wonderful, edition of Update which keeps us so well informed about the risks to our ABC.

Update magazine cover - June 2020

This edition reminds us that our public broadcaster needs active friends to tell  the Federal Government that the ABC is an essential service and must be properly funded.

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In the 2019 Annual Report, Chair of the ABC Board, Ita Buttrose, recognises that government funding cut backs has made “our task harder by the imposition of the three year indexation freeze, which comes on top of a a $50 million dollar cut now embedded in our base."

We need to urgently campaign for restoration of government funding so the ABC can keep professional staff and maintain regional services and local content.

The Federal Government is offering financial support to many industries to assist their recovery after the impact of COVID 19. The ABC also needs to be recognised for comparable economic assistance so it can continue providing so many services throughout Australia.

Please read all the detail included in this edition of Update so you can ask parliamentarians to consider the facts about the ABCs funding crisis.

A big thank you to the wonderful team that puts the Update magazine together three times a year. You can read more about those wonderful people here.

The ABC needs Friends. If you value our ABC as an essential service, join ABC Friends and the campaign to Fund Our ABC.

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