Update magazine - April 2021

Update magazine - April 2021

Another great edition of Update keeping us all so well informed about the importance of our national broadcaster and its wide range of services.

Cover of Update April 2021

You will be especially interested in the detailed assessment of how Four Corners investigative reporting has monitored public policy and created the environment for major inquiries and government response.

This is why we need the ABC to monitor the way government policy is implemented and indeed how governments respond to community priorities.

Many of you have asked how you can help the ABC with the cost of legal fees necessary to to defend a recent defamation action with some people wanting to organise a specific fund raising campaign.

However, the ABC is publicly funded and its Charter does not allow it to accept donations.

The best way for you to support the ABC in difficult times is to ensure your local members of parliament know why you support Australian public broadcasting and why you expect it to be responsibly funded to continue providing a wide range of services.

Thanks and enjoy reading this edition of Update!