Update Magazine - August 2021

Update Magazine - August 2021

Here's to another great edition of Update keeping us all so well informed about the importance of our national broadcaster and its wide range of services.

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As we release this edition our thoughts are with the many people who are facing such disruption and uncertainty due to the current pandemic situation.

Thankfully we still have our ABC and Dr. Norman Swan keeping us well informed about the twists and turns of Australian management of COVID-19.

We recently reached out to ABC Friends members and supporters through our ABC Friends Federal Election slogan writing campaign. Many thanks to those of you who contributed.

Here are the five most popular slogans to get us thinking about the campaign ahead:

  • "Value the Truth - Value Our ABC!"
  • "Hands Off Our ABC!"
  • "Stop Government Interference in Our ABC!"
  • "ABC - Anti-Bias and Corruption!"
  • "Support for the ABC Gets My Vote – Every Time - Always!"

Our ABC Friends National Committee continues to plan our election strategy, even though it is quite difficult to know the timing and circumstances in which we will be lobbying parliamentarians and new candidates to commit to sustainable and independent public broadcasting.

Already State and Branch Committees are developing grass root campaigns, especially in marginal electorates. We need to ensure that all voters are well informed about how current members and senators have worked to defend the ABC since 2019. We also need to identify at new candidates who will not be cowed by political party discipline when it comes to defending the ABC.

As always your suggestions are most welcome as we rely on your community feedback to ensure we get the best possible information communicated via our social media platforms.

All the best in these particularly challenging times and we hope you enjoy the latest edition of Update.