Vale John Tulloh

Vale John Tulloh

ABC Friends is saddened to hear of the passing of former ABC journalist, foreign correspondent and international news editor, John Tulloh. He was 82.

John Tulloh

John Tulloh's extensive career in journalism included over almost two decades at the ABC, where he was international news editor from 1985 to 2000, and then head of international news operations until his retirement in 2004.

During his career at the ABC, he provided leadership in the coverage of many significant international events. These included the two Gulf Wars, the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the Balkan civil wars and the horrific Bali bombing in 2002.

Many former and current ABC staff have paid tribute to the revered journalist.

Justin Stevens, ABC Director, News: “Our condolences are with John’s family and friends. John led the ABC’s correspondents during a tumultuous period in history and the ABC’s international coverage benefitted immensely from his experience.

“He was an outstanding correspondent and editorial leader who mentored many of the great correspondents, international staff and camera operators. The reason the ABC is respected around the globe for its coverage of foreign affairs is to a large degree due to brilliant individuals such as John, and we stand on his shoulders today.”

Craig McMurtrie, ABC Editorial Director: “Calm in a crisis, unfailingly supportive, JT seemed to watch, read and listen to everything you filed and didn’t duck tough feedback when it was needed. Old school, a gentleman and a wonderful editor.”

Ian Macintosh: “Wise, warm and unfailingly affable, JT encouraged and was an inspiration to countless Visnews and ABC colleagues with his dedication to their professional success and support for their personal well-being.

“He maintained a career-long and unremitting commitment to journalists’ safety, especially for those on hazardous assignments in hostile lands. That dedication, and the priority he placed on correspondents, producers and crews working as a team, endeared JT to all who were fortunate enough to work with him.

“John’s innate modesty and self-deprecating persona belied his standing in the international broadcast news community, respected and admired by his peers around the world. A fine writer and keen analyst of world events, he was still turning out thoughtful, perceptive articles on international affairs long after his retirement.”

Greg Wilesmith: “For a correspondent John was the best editor one could have – worldly, interested, tireless across time zones and long-running stories, always providing feedback and encouragement. In the international news business he was a giant and his reputation endures in London, New York and elsewhere.”

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ABC Friends extends its sympathies to John's friends and family in this time of grief.

Cassandra Parkinson
ABC Friends National