Online Webinar: Stand up for the ABC

In the lead-up to the October budget three outstanding speakers offer their perspectives on the ABC.

September 02, 2020 at 4:00pm - 5pm
Online Event using Zoom
Cassandra Parkinson ·
christine moroney Robert Scott Neil Melville Shaunna O'Grady Nanette Bourne Marion Crooke Jane Deakin Jessica Tattersall Joan Ajala Faith Martin Hugh Tyndale-Biscoe Phil Burne Marion Silk Helen Moore M Gravino Patricia Downing Jo Tauro Edward Curtis Anty Gogo Kaye Hergstrom Eric Sowey Kevin O'Dea Glenn Crawford Neil Barter rocco weglarz Robert Buchan Lena Pammer Ian Heriot Daren McDonald Anne Wood Tohow Tohow Audrey McDonald Penelope Short Sharon Freitag Elizabeth Ferguson Deb Cansdell Penelope Shorne Adele Anderson Denise Kirton Angela Griffiths Deirdre Lampard Marie Manidis Meagan Phillips Sandra Triulzi Robin Cook Ves Saks Natalie Davey Julia Fountain

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