About Us

About Us

ABC Friends is a not-for-profit volunteer-based organisation.

Our vision

is for a fearless, independent ABC valued by all Australians and fully supported by government.

Our mission

To represent the community interest in defending and promoting the vital role of the ABC as a national public media organisation that:

  • is essential for a healthy democracy
  • is independent of government influence, commercial sponsorship and advertising
  • is accountable to the public
  • offers distinctive, high quality programs and services
  • promotes Australian culture in all its diversity
  • is accessible and relevant to all Australians

How we work

  • We influence government policies on the ABC and ensure that it is fully funded to fulfil its role as Australia’s national public media organisation as set out in the ABC Charter.
  • We campaign to persuade the public and political candidates of the importance of the ABC.
  • We inform the Australian public about issues affecting the ABC and public media.
  • We conduct research into emerging issues in public media and to better understand the environment in which the ABC operates.
  • We partner with like-minded organisations to conduct research, campaign, and communicate with the public.
  • We collaborate with, support and coordinate the work of the state and territory divisions of ABC Friends.
  • We are non-partisan.