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About Us

ABC Friends NSW & ACT at Glenbrook Australia Day 2020 - get involved!

The Friends of the ABC NSW (Inc.), also known as ABC Friends NSW & ACT, was established in 1976 to defend the ABC against funding cuts by the Coalition government of the day. Since then, the Friends has defended the ABC against threats from both Labor and Coalition governments to compromise its independence and reduce its funding.


To achieve our aims we:

  • make submissions to government
  • lobby members of parliament
  • provide informed comment about the ABC to the media
  • hold discussions with the ABC Managing Director and Chairman of the BoardABC Friends NSW & ACT talking to community members at ABC Friends NSW & ACT at Glenbrook Australia Day 2020
  • address community groups
  • organise activities in support of the ABC
  • provide opportunities to socialise with like-minded people
  • encourage members to make their views about the ABC known to their Federal Member of Parliament
  • provide facilitation for members to engage with their local Federal MP

For the ABC Friends NSW & ACT Vision Statement click here

For the constitution of Friends of the ABC (NSW) Incorporated click here.


General Enquiries: [email protected]

Membership Enquiries: [email protected]

Postal Address: PO Box 1391 North Sydney NSW 2059

Phone: 02 9990 0600 (This is a MessageBank service, which is checked regularly, but not every day)

Facebook: @abcfriendsnsw  

Regional Branches

In many areas of NSW & ACT there are local branches of ABC Friends.  You may wish to become involved at a local level - for regional branch details click here.

ABC Friends NSW & ACT 2020/21 Office Holders & Committee

President Cassandra ParkinsonVice President Mal Hewitt





Secretary: Peter Lindenmayer (ACT Convenor)

Treasurer: Sharon Ooi

Public Officer: Margaret Whealy

Committee Members

  • Geoff Brann (Minutes Secretary)
  • Prof. Ed Davis AM (Eastern Suburbs Branch President)
  • Sybille Frank
  • Jennie Hicks (Northern Rivers Branch Secretary)
  • Dr Tess Howes
  • Dr Sue Ingram
  • Gia Metherell
  • David Pollock