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Caroline Jones remembered as trailblazing journalist and generous mentor
ABC - May 21, 2022

Former ABC journalist Caroline Jones has been remembered as a groundbreaking broadcaster who embraced her role as a mentor to others later in her career. 

Jones died this week aged 84. 

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'Public service journalism has to deliver for the audience': Sarah Ferguson to replace Leigh Sales as host of 7.30
Natasha Johnson - ABC - April 29, 2022

ABC News has appointed multi-award-winning investigative journalist Sarah Ferguson as the new host of its evening current affairs program, 7.30, replacing Leigh Sales, who is leaving the program at the end of June.

"I'm delighted to take on the presenter role at 7.30," says Ferguson.

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ABC signs on for news-streaming service after ending talks with Foxtel’s Flash
Zoe Samios - SMH - April 4, 2022

Australia’s national broadcaster has struck a deal to make its news video available on a new video streaming platform, but the content will not appear on Foxtel-owned Flash despite previous talks of a tie-up.

The ABC will give access to video content to LeadStory, an on-demand news platform launched last year by former Sky News and Seven journalist, Cameron Price, for the next three years. It is the latest commercial deal for the ABC, which was holding talks with Foxtel about a licensing deal for its content late last year.

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A Federal Election is imminent and media matters
Noely Neate - Independent Australia - April 3, 2022

Australians will vote soon and contrary to popular opinion on Twitter, a swing against the sitting Government as being shown by recent polls won't decide who runs the country.

As we have found in the past, those swings only affect very marginal seats — they are not Australia wide. A big chunk of "punters" will make decisions based on the vibe and another big chunk of voters will make decisions based on their own electorate.

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Greg Wilesmith: Who Needs the ABC? A book review
P&I Guest Writers - Pearls & Irritations - April 3, 2022

This is a book review of ‘Who Needs the ABC’ by Matthew Ricketson and Patrick Mullins, published by Scribe. It was first published on the ABC Alumni website.

Even on a wet and wild weekend with limited other options, there was trepidation about diving into this analysis of the dark forces threatening the ABC. What would I really learn about my former long-time employer – and more importantly its essential place in Australian society – from the research of journalism academics, Matthew Ricketson and Patrick Mullins, neither of whom had ever worked for the ABC?

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Justin Stevens appointed Director, ABC News, Analysis and Investigations
ABC - March 31, 2022

The ABC is pleased to announce Justin Stevens has been appointed Director, ABC News, Analysis and Investigations.

Justin brings extensive journalism experience and editorial leadership to the position built across two decades and senior editorial positions in current affairs.

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What has gone wrong with Australian journalism’s commitment to free speech?
Paul Malone - Pearls & Irritations - March 14, 2022

It’s not good enough to say you are committed to free speech. If you are in the media you have to be willing to provide a platform for the views of those you disagree with.

In announcing the club’s decision, CEO Maurice Reilly said the club was a vigorous champion of media freedom and strongly condemned the media censorship in Russia. Under new laws in Russia both local and international journalists faced charges of high treason and 15 – 20 year jail terms for reporting the facts. This situation should not be tolerated and had no place in a democratic society. He said the invitation was issued at a different stage in the conflict in Ukraine before allegations of war crimes and bombing of civilian targets. The Board now considered it inappropriate to continue with the invitation to the Ambassador. The Club stood by its principles of encouraging free speech and promoting a balanced national discussion of the big issues of the day and reserved the right to revisit this decision at a later date.

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Sally Neighbour to depart Four Corners
ABC - March 14, 2022

After a distinguished and award-winning career with the ABC, including seven years as Executive Producer of Four Corners, Sally Neighbour has decided to leave the public broadcaster later this year.

Neighbour’s other roles with the ABC have included reporting for news and 7.30, overseas postings in Beijing and Hong Kong, presenting Lateline, working as a senior investigative journalist on Four Corners and being Executive Producer of 7.30. 

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SBS boss says no strategic or cost benefit to merging with ABC
Zoe Samios - SMH - February 21, 2022

SBS managing director James Taylor has emphatically rejected the case for a merger with the ABC and has hit out at social media behemoth Facebook for failing to strike a commercial deal for use of its content.

Mr Taylor said there was no strategic and cost benefit to bringing the two organisations together, arguing there was still a role for the multicultural Special Broadcasting Service in a modern media climate.

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ABC can take hits and still make hits, as long as you’re in its corner
David Anderson - SMH - February 19, 2022

Many Australians who care about the ABC are concerned about its future. I am not surprised by this, given the way in which our critics conveniently overlook, ignore and disregard the totality of the ABC’s contribution right across the nation, every single day.

We know that for democracy to flourish, a nation’s citizens must have an independent source of truth that is unbiased and committed to providing the accurate, relevant information they need. This is the core role played by the ABC. And any attempts to interfere with, or undermine, the independence of the ABC, by either political or commercial players, must and will be resisted at all costs.

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ABC Managing Director, David Anderson, opening statement to the Senate Environment and Communications Legislation Committee
David Anderson - ABC - February 15, 2022

I thank the Committee for the opportunity to provide some opening remarks.

The ABC entered 2022 with the value of its services widely recognised and appreciated across the Australian community. Against the backdrop of a challenging year, the ABC achieved its highest reach in a decade in 2021.

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One for you … one, two for me – Minister Fletcher’s ABC funding confidence trick
Quentin Dempster - ABC Alumni - February 11, 2022

The ministerial announcement this week, outlining ongoing funding for the ABC, was clearly pitched to convince voters of a ‘strong government commitment’ to supporting the national broadcaster. But as Alumni director Quentin Dempster explains, it’s more spin than substance. The Minister’s budget ‘increase’ is tiny when compared to more than half a billion dollars that’s been cut from the ABC’s budget over the last eight years, rising to around $700 million when defunding of the ABC’s crucial international service is taken into account.

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The ABC’s budget hasn’t been restored – it’s still facing $1.2 billion in accumulated losses over a decade
Alexandra Wake & Michael Ward - The Conversation - February 8, 2022

ABC Chair Ita Buttrose is “delighted” and Managing Director David Anderson says he now has “certainty” for planning. However, the Morrison government’s pre-election announcement it would restore the ABC’s budget to 2018 levels doesn’t come close to making up for what has been lost in cuts to funding and staff.

Seven weeks ahead of the budget, Communications Minister Paul Fletcher has announced the ABC will receive $3.284 billion over three years from July 2022, while SBS will receive $953.7 million over the same period.

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End of ABC funding freeze won’t bring back lost jobs and programming
MEAA - February 7, 2022

Today’s announcement of an $87 million increase in funding to the ABC is a drop in the ocean after more than half a billion dollars of cuts by the Coalition Government since 2014, says the union for Australia’s media workers.

The Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance says the announcement by Communications Minister Paul Fletcher today merely reverses the indexation freeze of 2019 and continues the Enhanced News Gathering Program for another three years.

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ABC welcomes ‘funding certainty’ as Morrison government removes indexation freeze
Amanda Meade - The Guardian - February 7, 2022

The Morrison government will restore ABC funding to 2018 levels, when Malcolm Turnbull imposed an $84m indexation pause, with the public broadcaster to be given $3.3bn for the next three years.

The communications minister, Paul Fletcher, has also announced SBS will receive $953.7m, including an additional $37.5m in ongoing funding to support its long-term sustainability.

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Truce with the ABC. But make no mistake: politics is still at the heart of media policy
Bernard Keane and Glenn Dyer - Crikey - February 7, 2022

Media policy in Australia, no matter who is in government, is usually about one thing: politics. The government's latest iteration is no exception.

The primary political goal is to look after the interests of the commercial free-to-air television broadcasters who play such an important role in election campaigns. They've been protected from competition for generations -- competition from a fourth television licence, from subscription television, from digital broadcasting and, now, from streaming services that offer viewers the kind of choice and control that the antiquated free-to-air broadcasting model can never match.

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Coalition Budget Cuts Cost ABC Half a Billion Dollars, 640 Jobs
The Australia Institute - February 4, 2022

New figures reveal ABC funding has been cut by $526 million since the Coalition took office, with 640 jobs lost. The figures were obtained from the ABC which was asked to provide details on ‘budget reductions’ since the Coalition Government’s first budget in 2013/14, in a QoN at Senate Estimates.

Polling from the Australia Institute’s Democracy & Accountability Program also finds Australians want ABC’s funding restored and agree the ABC is critical to Australian democracy.

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Coalition has slashed $526m from ABC – and most Australians want funding restored
Paul Karp - The Guardian - February 4, 2022

The majority of Australians would support restoring funding to the ABC, according to a new poll, after new figures showed funding has been cut by $526m since the Coalition’s first budget.

The poll of 1,000 voters conducted by the Australia Institute found that 52% want the $84m cut from the ABC in the last three years to be restored, more than double those who oppose it (25%).

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Lessons from The Signal as the ABC launches its new daily podcast, ABC News Daily
Stephen Smiley - ABC Backstory - February 4, 2022

If you're anything like me, your first waking reflex is to reach across in the dark for your smartphone that is lying, charging, on a bedside table.

Unfortunately, phone in hand, my next gesture is typically to fumble around seeking the "snooze" button, buying an extra 10 minutes of fitful slumber, a cycle I typically then repeat several times.

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TV Tonight Awards: Best of 2021 - Readers choose ABC's The Newsreader & Fisk as Best Drama & Comedy of 2021
David Knox - TV Tonight - January 10, 2022

Readers have voted Kitty Flanagan comedy Fisk and period drama The Newsreader as the best in their field in the TV Tonight Awards 2021.

The ABC shows won best local Comedy and Drama, respectively.

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John Howard and the ABC: desire for cuts came up against Liberal support for broadcaster
Anne Davies - The Guardian - January 1, 2022

The ABC’s relationship with the Howard government was never easy, and the 2001 cabinet papers, released by the National Archives on Saturday, reveal tensions between the government’s desire for budget cuts and fear of alienating its supporters who valued the national broadcaster.

Despite having promised during the 1996 election campaign that the ABC’s budget was safe, within four months of coming to office John Howard’s government cut it by 2% and announced a review of the role and scope of ABC services by Bob Mansfield, the founding chief executive of Optus.

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Inquiry into Australia’s regional newspapers
Standing Committee on Communications and the Arts - Parliament of Australia - January 1, 2022

On the 22 December 2021, the Minister for Communications, Hon Paul Fletcher MP asked the Committee to inquire into and report on Australia’s regional newspapers. The terms of reference for the inquiry can be found on the terms of reference webpage.

The Committee has developed an online survey seeking the views from Australians’ living in regional, rural or remote areas about how they access local news. The survey is open until 11 February 2022 and takes less than 10 minutes to complete.

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