Australia depends on Our ABC

Australia depends on Our ABC

The ABC is vital in times of national emergency like the recent bushfires, floods and now the COVID-19 threat.

War time poster - We can do it! Fund Our ABC!

Thank you all for responding to our Fund Our ABC campaign.

It’s been great for us to read your comments about why the ABC is so important to you and your families. You can read some of the responses here.

Recently, the Communications Minister Paul Fletcher recognised the National communication role of the ABC as an “essential service that must continue through public shutdown.”

We are all dependent on the ABC for communicating health advice and pandemic information as our lives are dramatically changing everyday.

We must insist that the Prime Minister and his Cabinet colleagues include the ABC in their stimulus responses as Australia faces this national crisis.

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Hundreds of Victorians have already written to the Treasurer Josh Frydenberg, urging him to prioritise ABC funding as an essential service.

He cannot allow staff retrenchments as the nation is already facing mass unemployment. We rely on ABC staff for highly professional communication, that is even more required in these unprecedented times.

When privately owned companies with overseas shareholders are being supported through million dollar government grants, it is urgent that the ABC, funded by all Australians, is allocated its share of funding now.

As we all face ongoing isolation in coming weeks please consider using some of this time to contact these Federal Cabinet members to remind them that Australia depends on our ABC.