What do Senate Candidates (NSW) have to say about the ABC?

What do Senate Candidates (NSW) have to say about the ABC?

When it comes to voting for Senate candidates in the May 21 Australian election, we invite you to think about their attitudes and policies towards the ABC.

Information can be sourced by going to https://www.abc.net.au/news/elections/federal/2022/guide/senate-nsw. On this site, you can then scroll down to a list of political parties, click on each one and find any statements they might have concerning the ABC.  A list of the parties which do mention the ABC is provided below, plus what they have to say.  Note that parties not listed below did not refer to the ABC, and so we simply don't know what position they take when it comes to public broadcasting.  We hope you find this information useful.


Parties with NSW Senate Candidates: Mention of ABC in Policies


The ABC’s independent status will be returned through full funding, so it can serve all Australians, regional and urban, and be our flagship internationally

Sustainable Australia Party

  • Better fund the ABC's regional and rural services
  • Empower the media watchdog to properly address media bias and misinformation
  • Dismantle media monopolies and impose stricter controls on cross-media ownership

The Greens

  • Strengthen media diversity in Australia
  • Protect the independence of the ABC and SBS by restoring Coalition funding cuts, recovering jobs at the ABC, and ending advertising on the SBS
  • Taking on the Murdoch media monopoly, by establishing a Royal Commission in the Murdoch media empire to look into its market dominance and its impact on democracy in Australia

Reason Australia

Reason supports the funding of strong and independent public broadcasters - the ABC and SBS, including restoration of historical funding levels.

Socialist Alliance

  • Massive increase in funding for ABC and SBS – democratise their boards
  • Reject privatisation of public broadcasters – no corporate advertising on SBS

Australian Democrats

The Australian Democrats have always stood up for the independence and integrity of the ABC and will continue to advocate for the protection and proper funding of this National icon. 

Fusion Party

  • FUSION supports restoring ABC and SBS funding. ABC alone has lost over 1,000 jobs over the past decade. ABC is well suited to provide additional regional news broadcasts and imperative for incubating local talent.
  • FUSION supports that any Australian news service should be properly regulated and held to account for misleading or false reporting. FUSION also supports a Royal Commission establishment of such a Royal Commission to ensure the strength and diversity of Australian news media.

Australian Values Party

  • Australian taxpayer funded media must adequately service all Australian taxpayers. The AVP will campaign for a review into ABC funding and its national consumer engagement. This will include the assessment of potential taxpayer savings that could also be provided as grants to local and community media programs, and the potential for some ABC programming to be otherwise available as subscription service to their audiences.


  • An Albanese Labor Government will provide certainty for the national broadcasters, the ABC and SBS, by providing them with five-year funding terms.
  • This five-year funding commitment is in addition to Labor’s previous commitment that an Albanese Government will reverse Scott Morrison’s cut of $83.7 million to the ABC.
  • It is essential to bolster the independence and stability of the national broadcasters as a guard against political interference in Australia’s democratic institutions.