November 2023 news and update

November 2023 news and update

Trust, independence and integrity. These words came to mind as we prepared this month’s newsletter. Indeed, they’re themes ABC Friends has pursued in our campaigns over many years.

Like most Australians, we’re deeply worried about the rise of misinformation and disinformation and we plan to campaign in support of truth in political advertising legislation. Lies and fake news threaten democracy and we’re asking you to support us in this vital work. Sign our petition here.

Concern about the ABC’s independence is one of the top two issues you have raised with us over many years. We were pleased that the Minister observed the legislation when she made her first two appointments to the ABC board. Our next task is to remind the Prime Minister to do the same when he appoints a new Chair.

We’re also monitoring the demand by the WA Police that the ABC hand over footage of its recent Four Corners program, Escalation, and we’ll keep you informed about this unfolding story.

Thank you again for your contributions to our work.

We need truth in political advertising NOW!

Disinformation is unacceptable. It destroys trust, it undermines democracy and it damages our social fabric.

Please join our campaign.

The Challenges Facing ABC Drama

One of the ABC’s primary responsibilities has long been telling Australian stories to Australian audiences.

But rising costs and increasing competition from the giant streaming companies are making it harder and harder for the ABC to air home-grown, high-quality drama.

Don’t hand over activist footage

ABC Friends has warned MD, David Anderson, that public trust in the ABC would be seriously damaged if Four Corners footage is made available to the WA Police.

Are Australians avoiding the news? Leigh Sales’ advice to journalists

Leigh Sales used her Andrew Olle lecture to call on all journalists to scrutinise their own approach to covering news to ensure that independence and integrity are their drivers.

Independence central to public service media, the ABC says

We must remind the Prime Minister that the independence of the ABC is paramount; and that includes a transparent arms length process for appointing the Chair.

ABC amplify Indigenous voices and narratives

Suzanne Dredge

ABC Friends congratulates the ABC on the broadcaster’s commitment to engage with and showcase Indigenous perspectives. 

Investment in ABC international services delivers audience growth

With an increase in federal funding, the ABC is providing much needed information across the Pacific.

ABC Annual Report: reassurance for loyal audiences

David Anderson has reassured ABC audiences that the broadcaster will “keep faith with those who consume media via scheduled broadcasts” as it moves to a digital future.

State wrap up

P.S. Last month we asked if you could make a donation to help fund our campaign activities over coming months. We need to revitalise our website, produce new fliers, posters and videos, commission essential research, and expand our messages on social media. We set a target of $40,000 but we haven't quite reached it.

If you haven't done so already, can you make a financial contribution to help us get over the line?

Thank you again for your continued commitment to the ABC.

Warm regards,

Cassandra Parkinson
National President
ABC Friends